sql server to bigquery
sql server to bigquery

How To Transfer Data From SQL Server to BigQuery on GCP

Here, I am going to explain how to transfer data from SQL server to BigQuery in the arguably most robust way using JDBC connection. You don’t need to care about any delimiter or newline character stuff. You will need just below mapping of data type from SQL server to Bigquery to create the schema in your BQ dataset, accordingly


How To Cancel a BigQuery Data Transfer Run

So, you want to cancel a BigQuery Data Transfer scheduled run (because you might have accidently created it 😉 and you cannot see any option to delete a particular entry. If you click DELETE at the top right, it will delete the whole configuration for that Data Transfer. Unfortunately, it seems there is no easy…


Building Blender as Python Module on Windows 10

My Configuration: Windows 10 x64 Blender version 2.92 Visual Studio 2019 Python version 3.7.9 Virtual Environment Recently, I was struggling on my way to build Blender as a Python module when I started trying my hands on Blender addon development. Here, I am listing the steps which finally worked for me after banging my head…

Experience of Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Exam – 2020

I am now a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect. Yayyy!💪 You can find a ton of blogs telling how to prepare for this certification. So, let me share something that might not be that widely known. This certification process was a bit different than my previous experience for GCP certified Professional Data Engineer. This was…